The 20th edition of the Suq Festival will take place in Genoa Porto Antico from the 15th to the 24th of June 2018

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Chance Eventi Suq Genova Cultural Organisation was founded in 1999 by Carla Peirolero and Valentina Arcuri with the purpose of creating chances of knowledge exchange and dialogue between cultures through theatre, music and art. The Organisation is based in Genoa and promotes intercultural activities on different topics: discrimination, global issues, promotion of women's, human and children’s rights, interfaith dialogue, environmental and economic sustainability.

The Arabic word Suq which gave name to the popular Suq Festival, has become the symbol of our philosophy and means “market”, social and theatrical space where languages, sounds, flavors, art and traditions are mixed. A space of  soul, where it's easier to defeat fears and prejudices. An open space where each identity is represented, accessible to that part of the public which is often marginalised.

Over the past years, the Festival and Theater of Dialogue Project have received a number of awards, among others UNESCO Patronage since 2011 and Best Practice in cross cultural dialogue in the EU Report since 2014. Furthermore, the Festival is supported by the Italian Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Liguria Region and Genoa City Hall.

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What we do

The Suq Festival

The Suq is an annual Festival that takes place in June in the beautiful city of Genoa, historically known for its cultural mix since ancient time. A first edition of the Festival has been organised also in Milan in 2015. The Suq Festival is inspired by the pre-Islamic marketplaces, where goods as well as cultural experiences were exchanged. 

The Suq Festival values differences and cultural mix.

We invented the Suq Festival to create a new stage where artistic performance has no cultural barriers, in order to provide an international representation of cultures. We also aim to enhance collaborative interaction between communities of immigrants and local communities by promoting mutual knowledge exchange through music, theatre, debates, food and friendship. Over the past years, the Suq Festival has gotten the attention of many companies and institutions which are now part of a wide network of partners.

The Festival is also officially inside the EFFE Network (Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe) the branch of the European Union which promotes art through Festivals.

Theather production

The Suq Theater Company is specialized in musical theater with actors, dancers and musicians coming from different countries. They perform shows inspired by  international literature, intercultural topics and the dialogue between religions. Directed by Carla Peirolero, it brings together artists that perform the charm of distant countries and the desire to open themselves to cultural exchanges.

13 shows so far, made in collaboration with the main theaters of Genova and some national festivals. Some of them were co-produced by Teatro Stabile of Genoa such as Oliver Twist, Clandestine Mothers, Cafè Jerusalem, or made in collaboration such as: The foreigners bring fortune, Mama Africa and On Gulliver's road.

Christmas Carol was co-produced by the Carlo Felice Theater, a very famous show in a long time. Another special show of the Suq Company is Esistenza soffio che ha fame, written and performed by Don Andrea Gallo and Carla Peirolero which has had a lot of success over the past ten years.

In the 2015, two new shows were born: Lets' cook the future, which brought together on the stage actors, musicians and a chef, and Teresa, mon amour, written by Julia Kristeva, which was never performed in Italy about the life of Teresa D'Avila, 500 years after her birth.

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The first educational experiences of the Suq Company came in 2009: theater workshops, conferences for students and teachers and educational projects in the Ligurian schools and at the University. Since then, the objective hasn't changed: to make people know non-violence and multiculturalism.

The training projects are not only focused on students but also on older generations such as the “Caregivers chorus” project which involves caregivers, usually coming from different countries, and senior citizens.
Over the years, these educational projects have become an important source of funding for our activities.

Open to everyone, a lot of workshops on music and theaters with the artists of the Suq Company take place all year.

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